Square Four consists of four entrepreneurs with more than 100 years of real estate experience combined. All are well educated with venturous mind-sets, great integrity and a hands-on approach.

Afbeelding van E.J. (Eric) Bakker

E.J. (Eric) Bakker

  • +31 6 22 31 93 96
  • e.bakker@squarefour.nl

Eric Bakker has nearly 35 years of experience in real estate. In his career he has held various managerial positions at leading real estate companies. Furthermore, as interim manager, Eric is also involved in strategic, tactical and operational real estate issues.

Afbeelding van G. (Gideon) Spermon

G. (Gideon) Spermon

  • +31 6 22 12 03 29
  • g.spermon@squarefour.nl

With over 40 years of experience in the business, Gideon Spermon has already enjoyed a multifaceted career in real estate. Besides various executive positions at both the investor and property management side, Gideon gained experience in change management while working as an interim manager.

Afbeelding van A.J. (Ton) de Graaf

A.J. (Ton) de Graaf

  • +31 6 22 66 27 62
  • t.degraaf@squarefour.nl

Ton de Graaf has circa 15 years of experience in technical and commercial real estate management. Besides regular real estate management, Ton also supervised technical field-scale projects and renovations, managed tender processes and supported real estate organizations on an interim basis.

Afbeelding van C. (Cees) Baas

C. (Cees) Baas

  • +31 6 46 71 12 20
  • c.baas@squarefour.nl

Cees Baas has nearly 20 years of experience in the financial discipline of real estate management. During his career he gained experience in all fields of this spectrum and has been involved in conducting administrations from object level to funding level. He also has experience with the implementation of real estate related software systems. Aspects he comes across to when supporting organizations as interim manager.